Answers to frequently asked questions are provided below.

  • What is a Pump-Pod DRAFTS Unit?

    The Drafts unit is quite simply the very best apparatus ever made for training. The more of these units we get into departments, the more we learn what they can be used for. Most of the training evolutions for the engineering test can be performed on the units. Aerial monitors can be tested and trained on with the 20’ stationary unit. Firefighters are using the units for hose lays and hand line assault tactics training. ump and apparatus testing evolutions and certifications can be performed using the Drafts Units.

    Some departments are looking to have the units at their remote and volunteer stations for training and to serve as a cistern for back up water supplies.

  • Can anyone buy a Pump-Pod Drafts Unit?

    In a word… yes. Typically Fire Departments at the local, state and even the federal level are finding the Pump-Pod Drafts Unit a critical use tool. In some cases, local water departments are purchasing the units for their local fire departments.
  • How much do they cost?

    The short answer is the 10’ portable unit base unit starts at $65,000.00. The 20’ stationary unit base unit starts at $82,500.00*.

    The long answer is that the units typically pay for themselves in water savings, time and personnel costs within the first 6 months of operations. Large departments are running water bills in the tens of thousands of dollars per month per training center.

    * Some water districts will cover half of the up-front purchase price for a DRAFTS Unit!

  • What is the highest flow rate for each unit?

    Typically the 10’ portable unit is plumbed in 4” pipe & valves. This will allow you to calculate by your pump style and type the maximum flow rates you can expect. We have routinely seen flows from 950 GPM to just over 1,000 GPM at the high end.

    The 20’ stationary on the other hand is plumbed in 6” pipe valves.  Using the same matrix of calculations you can see flow rates in excess of 2,000 GPM easily per 6’ port.

  • How will DRAFTS UNITS help our department?

    The DRAFTS Unit was designed purely as a training apparatus. The ability to train using full flow water without restrictions is proving to be more invaluable than we originally imagined. Giving the engineers and candidates the ability to train 24/7 year-round and in extreme weather conditions is something we couldn’t foresee. We even have units that are going to be pressed into service in remote locations in Alaska where the weather conditions preclude training for as many as eight months of the year due to extreme cold and the unavailability of running water. Oh… and did we mention that they save water too?
  • Can Pump-Pods be transported full of water?

    The Pump-Pods are NOT designed for over the road transportation while full. If this is a desire for your department, our engineers can build the units with this in mind. One limitation is the D.O.T. over the road weight restrictions. All DRAFTS Units are built to order and we will accommodate all our customers’ needs to the best of our ability.
  • Can I get my Pump-Pod DRAFTS Unit in a custom color?

    YES… The units are typically finished in one color with black trim. We have the ability to paint the units to your specified color. We also have the ability to provide a more finished appearance utilizing smooth aluminum skin and diamond plate corners and accents.

    We encourage you to supply your own artwork for your department decal provider and shop.

    We can place square, rectangle, oval or round placards with your artwork on the exterior of the unit if desired.

  • What about Warranties?

    The Pump-Pod DRAFTS Units come with an unlimited one (1) year warranty for all parts and labor. An additional four (4) year warranty covers any catastrophic failure of the plumbing, valves and interior lining. Other details of the warranty are available upon request.

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