HeloPod™ Dip Tank / Cistern System

What is it?…  Our new HeloPod is a portable / transportable convertible-top tank and water storage system designed with the constant and flexible needs of dynamic air operations in mind.

HeloPods™ are rugged ground based storage units designed to support helicopter firefighting operations and ground attack. HeloPods are more durable than “pumpkins” and other systems and simple to store as they are designed to forklift and stack easily or they can be pre-positioned and remain deployed as cisterns.

HeloPod Features:

  • Large capacity convertible-roof cisterns ranging from 3,000 – 14,000 gallons
  • The units weigh approximately 4,000 lbs. – 6,500 lbs.  –  10,000 lbs. * empty
  • Easily transportable via flatbed wrecker, hook truck, tilt-bed trailer or heavy lift helicopter
  • Optional retractable security top keeps the public out of the tank! Locks in place; easy to remove
  • Concealed plumbing connections – supports engines, water tenders & helicopter OPS
  • HeloPods have no internal or external hang up points that can snag snorkel hoses or “bambi buckets”
  • HeloPods can hold water, PHOS-CHEK or gel
  • Plumbing supports ground loading or aerial loading
  • The wide 8′ opening supports “Bambi-Buckets” as well as snorkel OPS
  • Reinforced steel sidewalls for durability
  • Internal tank is coated with Rhino Liner

In the above video, Ventura County Fire Department Copter 7 Aviation Unit does their first Dip Test and evaluation of the PumpPodUSA mobile HeloPod Dip Tank.  This was performed at the Newberry Park Heli-Spot in June 2018.  A new fill valve activation Communications package was added in November.

In the above video, OCFA Air OPS Copter 2 performs Dip Testing and product evaluation on PumpPodUSA mobile HeloPod in Aliso Viejo, CA Heli-Spot, September 2018

HeloPod Options:

Top corner lights for night OPS, Internal tank area lights for night OPS, Pumps, Hoses, Generator(s), Extension Cords, Telescoping Ladder

Bonus Features:

  • HeloPod Info Sheet (PDF)

    Click for a PDF Info Sheet

    The floor is reinforced to withstand Bambi-Bucket or Snorkel impact

  • 2 – 4’’ built in fill / drafting ports with ball valves
  • Built in hose door on left for hose and continuous fill OPS
  • The interior can be lit on all four corners with white LEDs to illuminate the red center floor target
  • Corners can be fitted with Green LED lights to assist pilots

Storage Area:

  • Ample storage for pumps, hoses, fittings, tools, MRE’s, water, etc…
  • Bulkhead for 7,000 gallon unit includes a walk-in door for ease of access and no confined space requirements
  • Size varies for 7,000 gallon and 4,000 gallon unit
  • Optional Items:
    • Electronics Suite for remote activation via radio, bluetooth, and WiFi app
    • Two (2) 8′ x 4″ flexible suction hoses for engine drafting
    • Transfer pump(s)
    • Generator(s)
    • Low water level communications package*
    • Water level control float valve
    • Gel Mixing Plant
    • Telescoping ladder
*Some geographic restrictions may apply

Click or swipe below for a 3d representation of the new Heli Pod.

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