Better than a Pump Pit

Finally – A Better Alternative to the Dreaded “Drafting/Money Pit”

Thinking of sinking valuable money into an antiquated Pump Pit… consider this:

Costs and Limitations of a Traditional Draft Pit:

  • A Traditional underground pump Pit is subject to UST (underground storage tank) regulations
  • The cost of monthly water quality testing and filtration can exceed the cost of a Pump Pod™ Unit
  • Pump Pits are being investigated nationally for heavy metals and pathogens,  also a source of cancer
  • The footprint of a Pump Pit is now a no-go area for parking or transit
  • Limited primarily to pump testing – water heats up quickly, then takes days to cool down
  • Not suitable for training personnel and NO dynamic flows, i.e. Aerials, Monitors, advanced hose lays
  • Always in the same spot – zero flexibility where you practice / test… you must go to it
  • Expensive to design, permit and build

Avoid the “Pitfalls” of an antiquated Pump/ Drafting Pit.  Save money, water and compliance frustration with a versatile Pump Pod™ DRAFTS Unit Today!  

A Pump Pod™ DRAFTS Unit allows infinite flexibility for Fire fighter, Engineer and Candidate training, also pump and appliance testing.

  • Full flow pump testing
  • Drafting training
  • Appliance testing
  • Hose testing
  • Nozzle testing
  • Practice / testing of the engineer’s task books
  • Hand line and hose lay training
  • Aerial / pipe practice and testing

Don’t pass up this opportunity. Now is the time to put our latest fire training system to work for you.  Compare the options below!

Specifications and Capabilities
20′ Pump PodUnit
Underground Concrete Pit
Engineering and Design Costs NONE $10,000++
Construction & Building Costs $89,000 $200,000+
Contractor Tearing Up Training Center NO YES
Water Capacity in US Gallons available to be Recirculated 2k-3k 15k-30k
Requires Expensive Confined Space Maintenance & Cleanout NO YES
Water Temperature Rise Due to Pump Friction NO YES
Dirt, Debris, Objects & Bacteria from Ground Flows into Stored Water NO YES
Healthy Clean Water Supply YES ???
System Designed to Recirculate & Prevent Water hitting the Ground YES NO
Trailer Mounted / Mobile Water Cistern Option YES NO
Fire Fighter Nozzle & Hose Training YES NO
Aerial Truck Full Flow Nozzle Training into Roof Target YES NO
Engineer / Driver Spotting & Connecting to Portable Hydrants YES NO
Connect up to Four Engine Or Truck Companies and Train Three (3) Engine Companies Doing Hose & Nozzle Evolutions Simultaneously YES NO
Aerial Truck – Full Flow Pump / Piping / Nozzle Testing YES NO
FDC Siamese Fittings – Connects to Piping that creates 150′ Resistance YES NO
FDC Siamese Fitting – Connects to Simulated Sprinklers YES NO
Up to (12) Pipe Core “Nozzle Mounts”  –  Assorted 1.5″, 2.5″ & 3″ Fittings YES NO
Easily retrieve objects dropped into Water YES NO
Portable for ease of relocation or special need YES NO
Conduct Drafting Training YES YES
Conduct Annual NFPA 1911 Pump Testing YES YES
Conduct Annual NFPA 1962 Hose Testing YES YES
Conduct Annual NFPA 1962 Nozzle Testing YES YES
Conduct Annual NFPA 1962 Appliance/Valve Testing YES YES