NEW! HeloPod™
Dip Tank/Cistern System

Our portable/transportable convertible-top tank and water storage system for air operations.

Be prepared for dynamic air OPS with an adaptable Helo-Pod TANK Today!

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Glendale Unit takes Delivery of NEW DRAFTS Unit and in 3 weeks flows over 500,000 gallons.

Glendale Unit produces Single Engine Pumping Evolutions Training Video (See Videos)

VCFD has pumped over ONE MILLION Gallons during Engineer Training & Battalion Drills w/ our DRAFTS Unit.

Avoid the “Pitfalls” of a Traditional Water Drafting Pit

DRAFTS UNITS – Finally A Better Alternative to the Dreaded “Drafting/Money Pit”

Save money, water and frustration with a versatile Pump Pod DRAFTS UNIT today!


Save wasted water to improve your training!

The revolutionary new Pump Pod DRAFTS UNITS help ensure that all first responders are fully trained, their equipment fully tested and maintained while enabling Fire Departments to comply with strict water restrictions during extreme drought conditions. Support your current and ongoing fire engine pumping operator and engineer training while saving millions of gallons of water within your community by recycling the same water used for full-flow training.


Utilizes water normally wasted during extended training operations without cavitation or overheating by recycling water between the pumping engine and the pod…

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Features and Benefits

DRAFTS Units save water – time and money. Estimates show the units paying for themselves in months, not years from the water savings alone...

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Most of these units are customized per order. Each DRAFTS Firefighter Training Unit can be built to suit your Department/Agency requirements and specifications

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