Fleets of HeloPod® units being places throughout California

Cal Fire, Los Angeles County, Riverside County, Ventura County, Lake County; These are but a few of the many that are expanding their currents fleet of HeloPod® units throughout California. From the Mexico Border to the Oregon Territory,...

Allan Hancock College Fire Academy receives PumpPod

The Allan Hancock College Fire Academy in Lompoc Valley, California is using PumpPod's new technology to save a precious resource used for firefighter cadet training.  Here are three news articles about this exciting new water saving...

The HeloPod® Dip Source is the only Dip Tank that has the following Sole source features as standard equipment

The HeloPod® Dip Source is the only Dip Tank that has the following Sole source features as standard equipment Self-Contained On-Board Power Package [Propane Generator]  Activates Valve, Lighting and Dip Site Manager power (Our original...

PumpPodUSA Announces DRAFTS Units in CA Have Surpassed 100 Million Gal. of Recirculated Training Water

Now with dozens of Pump PodTM Units in operation throughout California, the water savings are adding up quickly as we will surpass 100,000,000 gallons saved per year by the end of the first quarter of 2023! By popular request, PumpPodUSA...

PumpPodUSA delivers the first HeloPod® HeliTack Mobile Dip Source to Ventura County Fire.

The 7,000 gallon Mobile Dip Source was purchased to support the three newly acquired Fire Hawk helicopters and their entire firefighting force. Ventura County Fire has said that they plan to pre-deploy and (Temporarily connect)...

The Pump Pod™ – “DRAFTS” Unit makes for a better alternative to the dirty, contaminated, antiquated and expensive to install and properly maintain: “Pump Pit”


Be prepared for dynamic air OPS with our innovative HeloPod® Tank.

This adaptable, customizable, relocatable, HeloPod® tank delivers water to your air units anywhere!

Avoid the many “Pitfalls” of a Traditional Water Drafting Pit

Avoid the hard and soft costs of maintenance and health/ cancer risks now being associated with them.

HeloPod® provides dip source where needed to put out fires!

Put water in remote locations for supporting aerial firefighting with the HeloPod® helicopter dip source!

The Pump Pod™ DRAFTS Unit will save water and improve training!

The revolutionary new Pump Pod™ DRAFTS UNITS help ensure that all first responders are fully trained, their equipment fully tested and maintained while enabling Fire Departments to comply with strict water restrictions during extreme drought conditions. Support your current and ongoing fire engine pumping operator and engineer training while saving millions of gallons of water within your community by recycling the same water used for full-flow training.


Utilizes water normally wasted during extended training operations without cavitation or overheating by recycling water between the pumping engine and the pod…

Features and Benefits

DRAFTS Units save water – time and money.  Estimates show the units paying for themselves in months, not years from the water savings alone...


Most of these units are customized per order. Each DRAFTS Firefighter Training Unit can be built to suit your Department/Agency requirements and specifications