HeloPod® Videos

This page contains multiple videos regarding the HeloPod Unit.  This unit is a rugged ground based storage units designed to support helicopter firefighting operations and ground attack. It is simple to store and designed to forklift and stack easily, or can be pre-positioned and remain deployed as a cistern.

This R & D HeloPod Helicopter Dip Source was being used by Los Angeles County Fire flying their Sikorsky S-70 Firehawk, (a variant of the UH-60 Military Black Hawk).  Both Ventura County and OCFA flew Type II helicopters during product evaluation and they took the opportunity for Training.  PumpPod USA solicited feedback from the pilots and crews on Likes and any product improvements.  We evaluated the performance of the high capacity Fill Valve and performed shakedown of all aspects. This HeloPod has a 5,000 capacity and we produce 7,000 gallon model as well . 

In this case all three of them were using snorkel pumps to fill belly tanks of their Aerial Fire Fighting helicopters.  Because of the HeloPod high capacity it could be used to fill the VLHT (Very Large Heli Tanker) like the Coulson, Billings or Columbia who fly the CH-47 Helitankers and the S-64 Ericson Sky Crane / Air Crane with their 10” inch snorkel hose and water tank capacities varying from 2,000 to 3,000 gallons of Water or Gel in the tanks.  The long length of the HeloPod tank helps with Heli Dip operations water using a long or short line Bambi Buckets.


A HeloPod with a universal tilt trailer would be the perfect tool for departments with the Firehawk to integrate into the support module.