Product Description:

The HeloPod® is the first intact Pre-Positioned or tactical high-capacity helicopter dip source with an optional built-in 800 GPM 4″ fill valve with float assembly protected inside a Still-Well including an Airgap to meet Fresh Water Source isolation requirements.

There is also a built-in cabinet that it large enough for drafting pumps and hoses transportable intact!  The standard configuration is (4) 4″ Universal Fill / Drafting Ports.

The most popular and affordable model HeloPod® by far is the T-MADS 4600.  This is because when it is combined with our custom tilt trailer, the weight is less than 9,999 lbs. That can be transported by a ¾ Ton Pick-up and Class C Licensed driver [See Attached Photo’s]. 

It is tactical and transportable intact and ready to fill in 5 minutes from being lowered to the ground. It was designed to be moved via any of the flowing transport platform: tilt trailer, hook truck, flat bed wrecker, or waste hauler.  Alternatively, it can be air lifted empty, when fitted with the optional “D” Rings.

When connected to a municipal water source, the HeloPod®, when fitted with the Optional Auto-Fill valve,  refills itself simultaneously once a Helicopter starts to remove the water.

When connected to a hydrant, the tank capacity becomes secondary as it is the refresh rate NOT the tank capacity that is important. When a sufficient water source, a single HeloPod® can support multiple Type 1 aircraft depending on flight time cycles.

The HeloPod® by Pump Pod USA is a Sole Source product with Patents Pending and already adopted by CalFire and multiple County and City Fire Departments.

Preparedness Benefits:

First and foremost, the HeloPod® is safe.  A true force multiplier as we face increasingly active wildfires coupled with a severe shortage of hand crews, helicopters will be leaned on even more.  The HeloPod® makes the helicopter more effective in its use of fuel and flight time by dropping as many gallons of water as possible per hour by reducing the cycle time.

Fire departments with and without helicopters benefit from our HeloPod® high-capacity dip source. Tactically, the HeloPod® it can be repositioned as the head of the Fire moves.

Multi-Mission Versatile Platform:

  • Pre-Positioned or Tactical
  • Dip Source
  • Cistern storage
  • Nursing Tank for ground Operations / Support
  • Mop Up Operations (Supply for Hose Lays)
  • (4) 4” Universal Ports
  • MRB Support multi-purpose tanks
  • Optional Remote Activation
  • Optional Remote “Overwatch” capabilities

Cost Justification & Value Benefit Examples:

The HeloPod®, when outfitted with the auto-fill valve and connected to a municipal water source, can free-up an engine company and/or water tender resources that normally would be assigned to supporting and re-filling the tank. With the number of VLHT and Type I helicopters in operation, the “Pumpkins” and “Fold-a-Tanks” are becoming less practical and unsafe.

Now that many Fire Services have upsized a large percentage of their helicopters, it is essential to upgrade and add dip sites to support their larger capacity and that ability to hover fill.

A Type 1 FireHawk helicopter holds up to 1,000 gallons on each fill.  If the body of water to dip from is 15 minutes away (4 Dip/Drop cycles) equates to 4,000 gallons of water dropped per hour.  However, when the T-MADS HeloPod® is repositioned close to fire line within 5 minutes of the flames, that same FireHawk can perform (12 Dip/Drops cycles) which is 12,000 gallons per hour dropped on the flames.

That is an increase of 300% more water dropped per hour.  This increase helps reduce the spread of the fire, reduces property and wildland natural resources lost, and loss of local business revenue.  Additionally, a more intense initial attack reduces chance of a small fire developing into a large incident.

Game Changer!!!

Virtually every other dip source product requires assembly, or is permanent fixture buried in or mounted to the ground.

No other Dip Sources that can be pre-positioned or made Tactical have the same fill rate capacity of up to 3,000 GPM, and none have or offer an optional auto- fill valve and a built-in cabinet.

Now with our Patent Pending remote activation and “OverWatch” capability, this will allow for 24/7 real-time surveillance of the associated areas to actively “watch” for smoke, fire, lightning strikes, ignition points and weather status.

A pre-positioned HeloPod® can be an inexpensive alternative to a permanent dip site without all the requirements of engineering, architects, contractors, soil studies, permits, major excavation and many months of a Project Manager to handle the entire process.  HeloPod® is considerably faster at 8 weeks lead-time, and costs less than 1/4 of a typical permanent installation.

Storage Area:

  • Dimensions: 7′ wide by 3′ tall by 2′ deep
  • Ample storage for pumps, hoses, fittings, etc…
  • Lift up doors for ease of access
  • Space for Auto Fill Valve Option
  • Space for “Overwatch” Components
  • Space for Electronics Batteries

Optional Features:

  • Automatic 4″ fill valve and water level control float assembly
  • 4 heavy duty lifting D-rings
  • 12V marine battery with conditioner for
    • LED light level indicators
    • LED lighting for tank interior and external ground lighting
    • “Overwatch” remote monitoring and activation suite
    • Gel mixing plant
    Sample Helopod Cabinet

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    Call our HeloPod® team today at 844.766.5763 to get a first look at this exciting new piece of equipment that will help maximize the proficiency of your Fire Department.

    HeloPod® Tactical Features:

    • Large capacity tank / cistern in sizes from 3,600 gal. US to 7,000 gal. US
      • The combined weight of the HeloPod® and Tilt Trailer is under 9,999 lbs., NO CLASS “A” required
      • Additional transport options include flatbed wrecker, hook truck, roll-on / roll-off, tilt-bed trailer.  Can also be transported by heavy lift helicopter to remote shallow open water site.
    • Single person deployment and recovery – Easily rolls OFF or ON trailer with one person.
    • Built-in cabinet to secure modular components such as drafting pumps, hoses, etc.
      • Methods of filling include hydrant, up to (4) water tenders simultaneously up to 3,000 GPM, drafting pumps at open water source, water tender, or by Type 1 helicopter aerial load.
    • Cistern supports nursing engines, water tenders, and helicopter operations
    • No internal or external hang up points that can snag snorkel hoses or “Bambi Buckets”
    • A HeloPod® can hold water, gel, retardant or surfactants


    • Automatic Fill Valve & Float assembly – Connects to hydrant to fill at 800 GPM.

    Note:  HeloPod® designed and engineered to hold in excess of 40,000 lbs. of water with heavy gauge steel for durability.  Additional design aspects give the ability to be carried as helicopter by long sling.

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      Call our HeloPod® team today at 844.766.5763 to get a first look at this exciting new piece of equipment that will help maximize the proficiency of your Fire Department.