Optional Features

Pump Pod USA has developed some additional products and relationships to ensure that each Pump Pod™ Unit meets the highest quality in customer need and NFPA standards.

The following detail most of the options:

  • Trailered Units
  • Skid mounted Units
  • Stacked Units
  • Remote Portable Hydrant – (in addition to the one included with each Pump Pod™)
  • Aerial Roof Target – Larger units may add an additional roof target
  • FDC Sprinkler Systems and Standpipe with friction restrictions built-in
  • Diffuser screen and swinging target – For Attack Lines and hand line training
  • Pump Testing Assembly Kit
  • Fire Fittings – Various makes and styles to suit your locality and needs
  • Crash Truck trainer / Piercing Prop – Roof Mounted (water flow NO FOAM)
  • Extra Fire fittings – i.e. :  NH x Storz, reducers, etc.
  • Custom FDC
  • Water Meter / Flow meter Totalizer

We can accommodate ANY & ALL Fire Department Training Requirements!