On May 18, Sikorsky (part of the Lockheed Martin Corporation) presented a paper and presentation at the VFS Forum 79 in West Palm Beach, FL.  The discussion was in regards to the overall effectiveness of helicopters as firefighting resources.  An excerpt from the conclusion of the paper read as follows:

In the end, the most critical factor in fighting wildfires is delivering water to the fire as fast and in as large quantity as possible. Each weather condition and geographic location may demand a specific capability to conduct firefighting operations most effectively. Maximizing the utilization of available firefighting helicopters with whichever tank type is available is essential to managing and extinguishing fires before they become widespread and cause significant damage to property and risk to life.

HeloPod® was referenced multiple times as an example of a delivery system to provide water closer to fires.  HeloPod® would like to thank the team for their excellent work, specifically Dr. Monica C. Gil, Shawn P. Melhorn, and Jordan D. Gorelick.

The paper is provided at the link below:

VFS_OperationsFinalPaper – r1