11/25/2019 – For Immediate Release

Simi Valley PumpPodUSA is proud to announce that the Direct Recirculating Apparatus Firefighter Training Sustainability (DRAFTS) Units currently deployed in California have surpassed 50 Million Gallons of recirculated training water.    “Saved water” means that it has also prevented 50 Million Gallons of Dry Weather Run-Off as well!

Newly available from PumpPodUSA is our Pump Testing Manifold for the DRAFTS Unit. This new Pump Test manifold will greatly increase the water savings and further help the environment by eliminating the Dry Weather Run-Off at full flow rates up to 2,000 gallons per minute!

The DRAFTS Unit allows for new Best Practices that include Full Flow practice, training and testing using real world flows that the firefighters and engineers will see in the course of their careers.

As a way to give back to the Fire Community, PumpPodUSA loaned out their DRAFTS Unit demonstrator model to the CSFA Annual Conference Hands-on Training Days in Visalia.  The DRAFTS Unit added another training station / Module in the rotation in addition to the Live Burn Trailer, practicing Roof Ventilation and Forcible Entry techniques.  The DRAFTS Unit allowed for the firefighters and trainees to perform Full Flow training using multi size Handlines, Ground and Deck Monitors and Aerial nozzles into the roof target.  For many of the volunteer and small Department firefighters it was there first time to flow big water from all those nozzles!

The DRAFTS Unit has been embraced by the Water Agencies for the tremendous water conservation.  They have provided the fire departments over $350,000 in rebate incentives to date, to encourage them to purchase this type recirculation technology.  The City and County governments are pleased with the benefits because it is helping them comply with the Dry Weather Run-Off minimization regulations.  The DRAFTS unit also helps all agencies with compliance to the Federal and State EPA / Clean Water Act provisions.

Traditionally departments have performed very limited training and pump testing utilizing what are known as pump test pits.  The Pits have a significant design limitation for flow for training as unless you connect your hoses to the return point. but you can’t capture any of the dynamic flows from all type nozzles.  When using the portable hydrant that comes as standard equipment with each Mobile or Static DRAFTS Units you can capture and recirculate all water during the training evolutions you perform today.  Including initial attack drills like “Race for Water”, etc.,  drafting evolutions and Full Flows from all your master streams (Deck & Ground Monitors up to 2,000 GPM even flows from Aerial nozzles into the Roof Target.

With all the attention being given to cancer awareness, the DRAFTS Unit is playing a key role.  For those departments located in freezing conditions this product allows you to keep current in training without dealing with all the ice buildup. This is because the DRAFTS Unit uses fresh clean water during operations and testing and not water from some under-ground pit that has been exposed to contamination by infestation, carcinogens and pathogens.