The 7,000 gallon Mobile Dip Source was purchased to support the three newly acquired Fire Hawk helicopters and their entire firefighting force.

Ventura County Fire has said that they plan to pre-deploy and (Temporarily connect) pre-plumbed to water supply at 1 of 5 designated high risk Heli-Spots.   When an extended Fire event breaks out Venture County Fire plans to move it closer to the event.  The dip source can be moved to any location with flat ground and a standard fire hydrant.  The 7,000 gallon HeloPod® was designed as a Mobile Helitack Dip Source, because of its steel construction.  The HeloPod® can also be easily installed as a fixed tank, without installing expensive infrastructure.  For public safety and risk management purposes, the fill valve can be manually activated by ground units during prep and mop-up operations.