The HeloPod® Dip Source is the only Dip Tank that has the following Sole source features as standard equipment

  • Self-Contained On-Board Power Package [Propane Generator]  Activates Valve, Lighting and Dip Site Manager power
    • (Our original design using Solar panels will not work as repeated dust and dew drying obstructs the cells and batteries don’t keep trickle charged)
  • Built-in Lighting Package both inside and outside the tank.  (IR & Stobe lighting available for Night OPS.)
  • Multi-Option Transport  – Flat Bed or Tilt Trailer w/ wench, Roll Off or Hook Truck, Lifted by Type I Helicopter

Opportunity:   Because we have upgraded our platform to allow Hook Truck transport and roll off truck capable, our original Demo Unit will be available for extended Demonstration.  The current Demo unit has the onboard lighting and power Package.